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RE:CALL: Change your Memories to Change the Present in this Adventure Game

Re:Call is an indie adventure and interactive fiction game with elements of visual novel produced by maitan69 and published on March 13 of that year, on the indie game platform "". In Re:Call, you control a character who somehow manages to alter the present through his memories. Their actions within these memories have varied consequences in the present time, which can even change the future.

The game has a simple but beautiful pixelated look. In addition, the characters are charismatic, the dialogues are fun and the gameplay is simple, but that suits the purpose of the game. The idea of ​​altering memories to alter the present is very interesting. In some moments, the options offered to the player are not enough: in some moments it is necessary to explore some areas and even repeat the process after some wrong decisions to be able to solve the problems properly.

At the moment, the game features only one chapter, as a form of demonstration. It is still in the development stage. Check out the Re:Call gameplay by clicking this link here and take the opportunity to download the game from the link below:


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