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REBOUND: Repair Old Books and Vibe to Cozy Beats in this Simulation Game

Rebound is an indie simulation game which is being produced by Jaiden Gerig, Brandon Garcia, Izklein, bordenary and zruby and which is currently in prototype stage, version published on November 21st this year, on the indie gaming platform Rebound is a cozy and relaxing game where you own a bookstore, in addition to restoring old books. Your role is to clean and restore these books, all packed with soothing ambience and music.

Rebound was produced within two weeks of this year's Seattle Indies Slow Jam, and was a winner in the "Judges Choice" and "Community Choice" categories, with an honorable mention in the "Aesthetics" category. Its gameplay is quite simple, but at the same time fun. Restoring books has never been as fun as it is here. The graphics present a low poly look that suits the style and atmosphere proposed by the game very well. The lighting is beautiful and creates a cozy atmosphere. The soundtrack, in lo-fi style, helps with immersion and provides a feeling of relaxation present here.

As mentioned earlier, Rebound is still in the development stage. The game presents a relaxing and cozy experience of a book restorer job. It remains to be seen how it will be going forward. We expect more updates and new features here, as Rebound has great potential for much more.

Check out the Rebound gameplay and, if interested, download the prototype by clicking on the links below.



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