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RING OF THE PHOENIX: Escape from a Dungeon by Cheating Death in this Platform/Puzzle Game

Ring of the Phoenix is ​​an indie puzzle and platform game produced by DeeCeeWorks and published on January 25th of that year on the "" platform. In the game, you control an adventurer who, after years and years of searching for the ring of the phoenix, a legendary artifact that allows its wearer to cheat death, finally manages to find it but ends up falling into a dungeon, and now he will have to use the powers of the ring to evade the proposed challenges and prove that he is worthy of possessing this artifact.

The game features pixelated graphics, a good soundtrack, despite being composed of two songs, and very simple gameplay, where you only use the "WAD" keys to move and jump. The stages have several obstacles, which will require a little thought when using the power of the ring, as dying here is practically a must, because when you are reborn, you can use your dead versions as a platform to move on.

Currently, the game is in the prototype phase. Watch the gameplay of the game by clicking here, or have the experience of playing by downloading it by clicking on the link below:


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