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SAVIORLESS: Unravel the Secrets of the Islands Through the Eyes of a Girl and Her Violent Avatar

Saviorless is a third-person indie adventure, action and platform game that is being produced by Empty Head Games and that does not yet have a set release date, but a demo has been published on the Steam platform. In Saviorless, you control one of two protagonists: one, an Anton Child, who explores the secrets of the Smiling Islands and uses his mental abilities to solve puzzles, and the other, called The Savior, a kind of masked avatar that appears with the mission to protect children against various monsters that haunt the land of the Saviors.

Starting with the visuals, Saviorless is extremely competent. The game has environments, characters and cutscenes produced entirely by hand, which gives greater animation quality and greater richness of detail. The gameplay is quite diverse. In addition to presenting platform elements, the game also offers a different style depending on which of the two protagonists you control: if you play with Anton Child, you'll have your challenges in the form of puzzles, which will certainly level up as you progress. The Savior, on the other hand, has a more combat-oriented style, something like a hack'n slash game.

Without a doubt, Saviorless has good potential. It will be great to follow this game when it is complete, and see what challenges the Smiling Islands will provide the player. While the game doesn't arrive, check out the gameplay on our channel. If interested, you can download the demo from the Steam page below, along with the respective gameplay links.



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