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SEACORP: Investigate the Mysteries Surrounding a Strange Ship in this Survival Game

SEACORP 02.06.2002 is a simulation, survival and psychological horror game in first person produced by Doz8u and published on August 21 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In SEACORP, you receive a CD containing a video file. In it, you witness the last moments of Joe Miller, a member of an exploration team, who investigates the remains of the SC ship Excalibur near the DV-12 Oil Rig.

The game was produced for the Haunted PS1 community game jam called "Summer of Shivers". In terms of this specific community, we will certainly have a game of great visual quality here, and in fact SEACORP did not disappoint. The game has sensational retro 32-bit graphics, in addition to that atmosphere of mystery and horror that only the Haunted PS1 community knows how to do best. The gameplay is very simple and just consists of moving around using the WASD keys and controlling the camera with the Mouse. Your role here is to explore the entire site, which makes it more of a Walking Simulator, only retro.

Since it was produced for a Game Jam, it only takes a few minutes to close the game. You can check it out by downloading it from this link here. As for the gameplay, you can watch it by clicking on this link here.

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