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SILT: A Surreal Underwater Puzzle-Adventure Game Where You Are Alone In An Underwater Abyss.

SILT is an indie adventure and puzzle game with horror touches that is being developed by Spiral Circus Games and is expected to be released on July 1st of this year, on Steam and GOG platforms, but a demo of the game was published on February 10th, and is available on the GOG platform. In SILT, you control a diver who delves into the depths of the ocean, seeking to unravel long-forgotten mysteries filled with strange creatures, ancient machines and hidden horrors. With your power to control some of these creatures, investigate the place and find an ancient creature sleeping in the abyss to awaken it.

We can say that one of the things that draws a lot of attention in SILT is precisely its look and the artistic level present here: using monochromatic tones, the world of SILT was built having as inspiration the drawings and the dark imagination of Mr. Head (which, from what I researched here, is a cleaning robot that uses paints and programming to create peculiar arts), and it can be said that it turned out to be something quite spectacular, which creates an atmosphere of expectation of the unknown.

As for its gameplay, you can move freely through the caves and use an ability to control the animals that appear there, and this is where we have the puzzle factor: each animal has a different ability, such as piranhas to destroy chains and a weird type of fish for breaking rocks, among others. Each challenge is resolved depending on the type of sea animal you currently control. Check out SILT's gameplay on our channel. If you are interested, download the demo of the SILT game that is currently available on GOG. All you need to do is click on the respective links below.

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