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SIN OF THE NECROMANCER: an old-school NES style 2D side scroller like Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.

Sin of The Necromancer is a 2d action and platform game developed by wariobrosz where you plays as Raziel and aim to rescue your beloved during the night. However, the night holds dangers that only your sword and your courage can face. The game has influences from 8-bit Castlevania games.

The game was developed on the Unity engine and has beautiful visuals where the assets that make up the scenarios are composed of textured squares, recalling the aesthetics of creating the scenarios of the first Castlevania, where the scenarios are built in a kind of mosaic that was a technique to save memory in games.

The gameplay is very similar and has an attack button, a jump button and a secondary weapon. The game has only one phase and one boss fight.


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