SNEAKY STEALY: Steal Valuable Items Without Getting Caught by the Police in this Stealth Game

Sneaky Stealy is an indie action and stealth procedural game produced by Ironchest Games and published on March 21st this year, on the indie gaming platform In the game, you control two thieves whose simple objective is to steal items from the houses and get out of them without getting caught by the guards.

Sneaky Stealy was produced using PICO-8, a virtual console that emulates the limitations of older console hardware, from the 70s and 80s. Lately, the system has been used to produce very impressive games, like Poom and Winterwood. And in Sneaky Stealy, we see another whim of those who work with this system, when presenting an extremely fun game in an arcade-style.

The game is procedural, that is, the maps change with each move, so the way you control the two thieves is essential. You can use one thief to disable camera systems, if the house has one, while the other can be used to investigate the house through windows and open doors behind items to steal.

Without a doubt, PICO-8 is being used to create impressive and fun games, which can be seen here at Sneaky Stealy. I highly recommend gambling. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and take the opportunity to play it on the page, at the link below: