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SOLIS: Explore an Abandoned Spaceship with Various Mysteries Lurking in this Sci-Fi Game

Solis (or Project Solis) is a first-person exploration game with horror elements produced by Carbonado and published on July 26 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Solis, you control a lone scrap dealer that travels through space. On his way out, he ends up finding an apparently abandoned ship, adrift. Curious as he is, he enters the spaceship and tries to find out what happened there.

The intention here is to provide the player with a sinister experience, even a little scary, as there is no way to know what to find in each room. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Dead Space, in my opinion, except that it has no monsters or creepy creatures, but a dark, unknown environment. The look aside is something interesting: the graphics feature a pixel-filtered look that brings a nostalgic feel reminiscent of many 32-bit-era games. The gameplay, although simple, has an interesting connection system: you use a feature that allows you to see energy points on the wall, allowing you to use a line to connect to other points, such as doors and even other energy points. That's a pretty cool aspect used here.

With this interesting point mentioned, it is not surprising that the negative point I mention would be precisely the fact that the game is short. There is so much to enjoy with this feature that it would only be realized if the game were a little longer. Solis is indeed an interesting experience, worth checking out. You can watch the gameplay of the game by clicking this link here. If you are interested, download it from the link below:

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