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SOUNO'S CURSE: Dive Into a Cave Full of Monsters and Challenges to Regain Your Memory

Souno's Curse is an indie adventure, action and platform game being produced by the Kiro Team and currently in development stage. A demo version was published on October 13 this year, on the indie gaming platform The game itself doesn't have a very elaborate plot (at least for now). In the demo, you control an unnamed protagonist, who ventures into a cursed cave filled with traps and hostile creatures. Souno's Curse, according to the developers, will explore sensitive themes such as friendship, love, regrets and the importance of living in the moment.

Right away, we see that the game is a good old metroidvania that sought inspiration in games like Journey and Hollow Knight. You control the character on a gigantic map, facing various enemies and obstacles and exploring various locations in search of improvements and new abilities that will allow you to explore areas that were previously impossible. The inspiration for Hollow Knight starts right in the visuals: Souno's Curse presents a very interesting visual, with characters and scenarios apparently drawn by hand. Scenery alone is impressive and beautiful in its own right.

The gameplay is very typical of many games of the style. Make no mistake, the level of challenge is quite varied. There will be times when you will die a lot, both in facing a large number of enemies and in obstacles, built with precision to stop you, which requires a good use of agility, synchronization and skill. In addition to your attack skills, you have a magic attack that consumes your MP with each use.

Souno's Curse is set to be released on Steam, GoG and Nintendo Switch. Check out the gameplay of the demo by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the demo from one of the links below. Also, you can check the project link on Kickstarter, just click below.


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