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SPIDERS: Protect your Family and Home from Eight-legged Freaks in this Survival Horror Game

SPIDERS is a short indie game produced by Puppet Combo that is part of the horror anthology "Scary Tales Vol.1", published October 12th, 2019 and updated July 13th, 2020, on the indie gaming platform itch.io. In SPIDERS you are a family man who lives peacefully on his farm. In one night, his property was invaded by giant spiders. Without even thinking twice, you hide your family in the basement and will do everything to protect them and thus survive this threat.

Right away we see the great inspirations that gave rise to this game. In addition to the style and aesthetics provided by Puppet Combo, which refers to horror and trash movies from the 80s, the gameplay here is very inspired by what is considered the father of FPS, Doom. However, this is just in style, as we see a very different proposition here: you need to survive the waves and waves of spiders that invade your home. For this, you first have your machete, and you must block all spiders' access to your house, using the wooden boards you find here. As the waves pass, weapons and healing items are unlocked, while also more and more different spiders (and why not, hard to kill) are appearing.

As mentioned above, the game is part of the "Scary Tales Vol.1" anthology. You can purchase the game by clicking on the itch.io page below. Here there is also a link where you can check out a little bit of the gameplay.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/V91Lx884l8c

BUY THE ANTHOLOGY RIGHT HERE: https://puppetcombo.itch.io/scary-tales-vol-1

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