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SPLATTER: a first-person fever dream where you blast constantly-adapting enemies into neon sprays.

Splatter is an indie first person shooter and fast-paced indie game developed by Rat King Collective where you face off against neon beings within a mental landscape built by unknown administrators using your fists to defeat them and survive until your brain turns deteriorate.

The game highlights its surreal aesthetic that seems like a dream where you face fully colored enemies using your fists to shoot scenes filled with lights that resemble more dance clubs. Fists that, depending on the position, are equivalent to weapons known as pistols, shotguns, but also fantastic weapons.

The feeling of shooting with your fists is good, the gameplay still needs some polishing and we still can't understand if the game is infinite, but according to the game's page on Steam, apparently the game will have other scenarios.

Check out the gameplay

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