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STEEL ASSAULT: Take on a post-apocalyptic America in this game inspired by Contra and Metal Slug

Steel Assault is an action and platform indie game developed by Zenovia Interactive that takes place in a post-apocalyptic and futuristic America. Here you play as Taro Takahashi, a resistance soldier, who performs a mission to stop a dictator who dominates the place.

The demo version of the game has little content, but quality. The 16-bit style graphics are very colorful and with a Japanese look that resembles countless classic games like Contra and Metal Slug. The sound is excellent and has tracks on guitar and electrifying beats. The pace of the game is also fast paced and features shooting and stapling skills that will help you create good dodge and attack strategies.

Steel Assault has two game modes: arcade and normal. In arcade mode you experience the game in all its difficulty, with more difficult enemies and short-lived weapons. The normal mode is recommended for beginners.

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