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STRANDED: Your ship is broken and you need to find a way to escape in this puzzle platform game.

Stranded is a platform puzzle game developed by Dancovich where you play as an astronaut who, after being tasked with delivering goods to a nearby system, had his ship hit by asteroids. Now, you need to find a way to escape using the escape pods that are scattered across scenarios full of gravitational challenges.

The game has simple graphics, with pixel art and spatial scenarios that, together with the great musical tracks, enhance the game atmosphere and the atmosphere of solitude in various scenarios that required you to make small angular calculations and a notion of gravitational influence on objects.


This game uses only one input, your mouse.

  • Click anywhere on the screen with the left mouse button

  • Drag the mouse to the opposite direction you want to go to charge your boost propulsion system

  • The further you drag the mouse the stronger the propulsion will be

  • Release the left mouse button when you're ready

  • Your magnetic boots can stick you to all surfaces on all directions

  • Black holes will attract you and alter your course

  • Electric fences and asteroids will kill you

  • Try to reach the next teleporter

Check out the gameplay

Download Stranded


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