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STRANGER CREEPS: A Short Horror Game Based on Stalking and Insecurity

Stranger Creeps is an indie survival horror game produced by suppliedcoot and published on August 1st of this year on the indie gaming platform "". In Stranger Creeps, you control a tenant who decides to put the garbage in to be collected, but when he gets to the garbage room, he realizes that he has no way to put it, so he decides to go outside the building to throw the garbage. However, you begin to realize that you are not alone: ​​there is someone spying and following you without realizing it, and now it's up to you to find a way to escape this stalker.

Right away we see that, in visual aspects, Stranger Creeps seeks inspiration in PS1 games, with a kind of pixelated style. The gameplay is simple, but it can still be an interesting level of challenge in a first playtime, as you have two "labyrinths" (inside and outside the building), with a stalker lurking around you. Add that with a limited sprint and the stalker being a little faster, and presto, you'll end up having to get back to the checkpoints faster than you can imagine.

Stranger Creeps is very short and can be finished in 15 minutes, which can vary depending on how you play. You can check the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, the game is available for download on the page below:

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