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STREET EATS: Run your Food Stall in a Cozy Japanese Rural Town in this Adventure Game

Street Eats is a hugely fun Simulation and Adventure indie game produced by Team Argonaut and with a demo version published on July 29th of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Street Eats, you control a young entrepreneur who runs her food stall in a rural town called Kawamachi. Your goal is to develop your business and establish your life in this city.

The game is still in the prototype stage, but you can understand its proposal very well. Street Eats works with two moments: one occurs during the day, when you explore the small rural town for ingredients to make the various dishes on your small restaurant boat (and there could probably be more things to do here, remembering what we're talking about one prototype, where certainly more ideas are being added), and the other occurs at night, where you just prepare dishes for your customers.

Gameplay is also divisive, having exploration aspects by day and simulation aspects at night. This is very good as it doesn't let the game get boring. The graphic and visual part is a beautiful point: the characters are a bit cartoony and charismatic, in addition to the landscape of Kawamachi, which is beautiful and at the same time relaxing. It would certainly combine a calmer soundtrack here, by the way, being a prototype, it's worth remembering that the game doesn't have a soundtrack.

Another point worth mentioning here is that you can buy some things using the money you earn from your night work. Things range from a small plot of land in the city to something as expensive as... a simple bicycle (yes, the bicycle costs 1,000,000 coins, and it takes a lot of work to buy).

Anyway, knowing that it's just a prototype, Street Eats is captivating for all the aspects mentioned above: diverse and fun gameplay and characters and places with a certain charm. It's worth checking out the game, whose download link is below. In the meantime, you can watch Street Eats gameplay by clicking this link here.

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