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STREETLIGHT INSOMNIA: survive the horror in a city full of dark creatures in this adventure horror.

Streetlight Insomnia is an indie horror adventure game as well as an indie survival horror game developed by Jonniemadeit where you play as Clint, who finds himself in a dark city after doing a favor for someone. Now, ghoulish beings haunt this ghoulish city with the sole aim of taking your life.

The game has game-inspired visuals from the 32-bit era with 3d models with few polygons, low-res textures, and gameplay based on games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, where the camera is static or has little movement while navigating the scenarios. .

In the game you explore scenarios, fight bizarre creatures using a targeting system and collect items scattered on the screen, but it requires training because the camera angles do not help, making it difficult to collect energy recovery items and combat, even with the targeting system depending on the enemy becomes a little difficult to hit him.

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