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SUMMERTIME MADNESS: Stuck in Your Own Canvas, Find a Way to get Home in This Puzzle Game

Summertime Madness is an indie puzzle game produced by DP Games and with a demo version released on February 3rd of that year, on Steam. In the game, you control a painter who lives in a war-torn Prague. Despite the ruins and desolation, he remains dedicated to his art, until one day he receives an unexpected visit from the devil. Cunning, the devil proposes that he spend time inside his own paintings, to escape all pain and sadness. The painter, on the verge of madness, accepts the proposal, but soon realizes his bad choice and, deceived by the devil, must find his way back home until midnight, because if time passes, his soul will be stuck in the painting forever.

The game has an incredible artistic look. The world where the protagonist has a style similar to cel-shading but was used in a pleasant way, adapting well to the visual proposal within the narrative of the game. The puzzles were well designed and as you progress, they become more challenging. The soundtrack is another factor in harmony with the other elements, as it is relaxing, pleasant, and matches very well with the surrealism of the world where the painter is.

Without a doubt, it is a great game of the genre. It is worth waiting for the game, scheduled to be released in June of this year for Windows and Mac. Check out the demo gameplay by clicking here. If you are interested, play it by clicking on the link below:

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