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SUPPLICE: Annihilate Horrors from Another Dimension and Take Your Revenge in This FPS Game

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Supplice is a first-person shooter action game produced by Mekworx and which will be distributed by Hyperstrange for the Steam platform. In Supplice, you are a young engineer who was sent to a world far away to terraform it. However, what would otherwise be a smooth job becomes complete hell when an anomaly arises in the Flux Gate facility. Trans-dimensional horrors fill the place and kill all those who were there, leaving only you the survivor of this brutal invasion. Now your mission has changed: get revenge on all those who destroyed the colony.

Right away, we can say that Supplice is a game created from the source code of Doom, but using new technologies, such as Brutal Doom, for example. And thanks to these technologies, we have excellent graphics and lighting here, really well done. The gameplay is quite evolved, if we compare it to the classic Doom gameplay. Here the weapons have two attacks, one normal and one secondary, more powerful. The idea is pretty much the same as in Doom: each stage is a huge map, where you have to explore, shoot everything that moves, find the keys and trigger other rooms with them.

In addition to the gameplay and visuals, the soundtrack is very good. The frantic action is accompanied by nervous heavy metal, full of adrenaline. The challenge level is great, make no mistake, you'll die a lot to get good enough to complete the stages. So far, Supplice only has one demo published, containing two stages. The forecast is that the full game will be released sometime in 2022. The gameplay of the two stages can be checked by clicking on the links below. Take the opportunity to put the game on your Steam account's wishlist (if you have an account there), by clicking on the link on the page below.

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