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SWORDMAN OF PERSIA: ANCIENT STORY: Rescue the King's Daughter in this Souls-Like Game

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Swordman of Persia: Ancient Story is an action game as well as an adventure game developed by Hammer Games where you play as Bahram, who lives in a small town called Khavarshahr, who, after following an order from the king and returning to his town, realizes that she has been invaded with several dead villagers and others abducted, including the king's daughter, and now sets out in search of the survivors.

The game is highlighted by its incredible visuals not for the richness of details, but for the grandeur of the scenarios and natural spaces. There are several gigantic buildings that contrast with narrower caves and several natural scenery with waterfalls, rivers, desert scenery and much more.

Also, the gameplay is very reminiscent of games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls where you face your enemies strategically without crushing buttons.


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