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TAMESHI: Battle Through Stages of Relentless Waves of Enemies All Bent on Your Destruction

Updated: May 16, 2022

Tameshi is an indie retro shoot'em up game being produced by 171Dev and planned for release in Q3 this year on the Steam platform. In terms of the plot, it doesn't exist (at least until the game is released): you control a ship and are simply thrown into the middle of the firefight, and your objective is to face waves and waves of enemies through 7 stages full of frantic action.

According to the Steam page and the game's own website, Tameshi proposes some interesting features, ranging from choosing between 16 avatars to customizing your own soundtrack, apparently using playlists of the songs you want (apparently). In terms of graphics and visuals, Tameshi presents an excellent retro look, colorful, with a very well-crafted pixel art (although I believe the character photos could have been better worked). The gameplay is typical of games of the genre, where you can choose to play with keyboard or gamepad, bullet hell sections that offer a great challenge to the player, in addition to the Normal and Hard difficulties. In addition, stages feature battles against mini bosses and even bosses that can transition between stages.

As stated above, the game is still in development and has plans to release in Q3 this year. Until that day arrives, check out Tameshi's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game's demo on Steam (Be sure to add the game to your wishlist, if you want). The respective links are available below.



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