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TAPE: UNVEIL THE MEMORIES: Control time with a Super8 as you survive the horror in this game.

Tape: Unveil The Memories is an indie horror game developed by BlackChiliGoat Studio where you play as a girl named Iria who searches for her missing father with the help of a Super8 camera, capable of affecting time and surrounding objects while living memories through tapes and solves complex puzzles in an atmosphere of psychological horror.

The game has beautiful visuals, with more quality cartoonish 3d models and scenarios that resemble surreal horror movies in first-person gameplay using a time-altering mechanics and objects in space that make up quite complex puzzles. There are also moments of horror that make Tape: Unveil The Memories a promising game.

Download Tape: Unveil The Memories right now and experience the demo build that showcases some of the game's horror and mechanics, as well as surreal visuals and even a strange creature that appears to be its antagonist.

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