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TARTARUS: Survive and Suffer in Your Search for Glory this Spoopy Action Game

Tartarus is a first-person action game being produced by mondo and having a prototype available on the indie gaming platform "", being published on September 1st of this year. In Tartarus, you control The Wanderer, a wandering spirit that will land on Tartarus after its death. There, you must face dangerous gauntlets with lurking enemies, all for fame and glory.

The prototype was produced for this year's Summer of Shivers, which is the game jam provided by the Haunted PS1 community, famous in a niche in the independent gaming scene. In terms of visuals, Tartarus presents a spoopy look, meaning it presents a funny style of horror elements but with a cute appearance. But despite appearances, make no mistake, Tartarus is very challenging. You have two weapons, the spear and the sword, in addition to dash and sprint, which can be done in the space bar. You need to dodge well from enemy attacks and counterattack well, as you only have one "bar" composed of two hearts: you were hit twice, died and returned to the beginning or to the checkpoint that is located at various points on the map.

In addition, you can count on two forms that will be found after defeating two minibosses: the ghost form, which gives you long range attacks but reduced speed, and the demon form, which gives you even more reduced speed but also grants you stronger attacks. It's up to you to choose the path that will lead to one of these two minibosses and beat it, thus getting the skill.

As stated above, Tartarus is still in its prototype version. We will probably have a lot of news as the game is being developed. Despite this, it offers challenging gameplay that can be fun depending on who plays. Check out the gameplay of Tartarus by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the prototype on the page below:

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