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TASTY RAMEN: Find Your Uncle's Whereabouts While Being Chased by a Haunted Ramen in a Fun Game

Tasty Ramen is a simulation, horror and comedy indie game produced by Slactro and with a development version published on December 15, 2019, and updated on July 19, 2020, on the "" platform. The game was part of the 2020 HauntedPS1 anthology and in it, you control a girl who has a mission to save her uncle and his Ramen shop from the forces of evil.

Currently, the game is unfinished, with no predictions for its continuation. This is a pity, as the game captures all the essence of a PSX game, both in visual and sound aspects, as well as in the charisma of the characters. Episode 1, which serves as a demo, is extremely fun, and one that certainly catches a lot of attention from Japanese pop culture fans. Here you venture into your neighborhood and try to get batteries to make the cooling system work. Also, you need to prevent the haunted Ramen bowl from finding you and chasing you until you drop it.

Without a doubt, this is a game that exudes PS1 in every sense of the word. Tasty Ramen has a lot of potential to be one of the best PSX-inspired games ever seen in the indie community. It remains to wait and hope that the developer continues this project, because he deserves it. You can check the gameplay of the game on this link here and take the opportunity to download both this game and the collection it is part of, in the links below:

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