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TERATO TAMER: Seduce Your Enemies In This Daring Game of Dice.

Terato Tamer is a turn-based game developed by aplovestudio where you have to seduce monsters that came to Earth by the power of an entity called Scarlet Moon. Now, you'll need to beat or seduce as many monsters as possible in a rather daring journey.

The game has a dice-based gameplay where you can attack or seduce monsters. If your die gives a higher result than your enemy, the difference of the dice will be the value of your attack which, in the case of killing your opponent, will make your seduced partner become stronger or, if seduced, will make your current partner become exchanged.

The final battle is a little frustrating because Scarlet Moon uses two dice while you continue with just one. But it is possible to improve combat when you strengthen only one character during your journey, making your energy bar increase and giving you more turns.

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