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TERMINATOR: FUTURE FLASHBACK: Witness a Soldier's Last Fight Against Skynet in This Action Game

Terminator: Future Flashback is a short indie game produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on November 1st, 2020 (with an update received on April 13th this year), on the indie gaming platform The game (as well as much of Cagnani's recent work) is inspired by The Terminator action film franchise, and here you follow the last moments of life of an unknown Resistance soldier in a Los Angeles of the year 2030, completely devastated after the fateful "Judgment Day" and dominated by Skynet machines.

Cagnani is already a well-accompanied figure here on our channel: much of the material he produces is very cool and captures very well the essence of the films he pays homage to, such as Scream, Shadow of Leatherface, B e y o n d and the most recent The Fly (1958). In visual terms, Future Flashback doesn't owe anything here. The game is very well done visually speaking, the graphics are impressive. The soundtrack fits very well in the atmosphere of this game, in fact, the songs are mostly taken from the movies. Gameplay is simple and to the point: there's no secret, if you've played a lot of FPS, you're sure to get used to it in less time than you think.

Terminator: Future Flashback is a game, but I would rate it as a simple nostalgic experience that manages to pay homage very well to the first film in the franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can check out the gameplay of Terminator: Future Flashback by clicking this link here, and if you are interested, you can download and play it by clicking on the page below.

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