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SCREAM: Escape from a Serial Killer in this Horror Game Based on an Slasher Movie Franchise

SCREAM (aka Welcome to Woodsboro) is a third-person indie thriller and survival game produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on June 11 of this year, with a June 14 update, on the indie gaming platform "". SCREAM was produced for the "MrKravin Game Jam" and features an original story, set in the universe of the slasher movies "Scream": you control Jenny, a high school girl who has planned a date with her boyfriend John at the school's swim gym, but this night of fun ends up becoming a nightmare, when she feels that someone unknown is watching her and, worse, is wanting to kill her.

Stefano Cagnani is a well-known game producer here on the channel, as some of his games, like Shadows of Leatherface, Inhabitants of the Fir Forest, The Outbreak and The War of The Worlds: Survival, have passed through our eyes in recent times. He usually makes short games, but very interesting and fun, some even well produced. And SCREAM is another one of them; the game is very themed and more focused on the story. Gameplay is quite simple, as you just move and interact with specific objects that appear in due course. The visuals and soundtrack (composed of just three or four songs) are very good.

Check out SCREAM gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the game on the page below:

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