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THE CLOWN'S FUN: A Horror Game Where a Worker is Kidnapped and Face a Series of Sadistic Games

The Clown's Fun is a short indie adventure, simulation and first-person horror game that was produced by 616 GAMES and published on April 20th of this year on the itch.io platform. In The Clown's Fun, you control Steve, who is working his shift in a mini market located in a very isolated part of the city. On your way there, you come across a psychopath in a clown mask who, according to rumors, kidnaps people and makes them play various games of life and death. And the worst happens: you are one of those people. And now, captured by him, you must win the sadistic games that come your way in order to escape with your life.

According to the game's creator, The Clown's Fun was inspired by the game "Night Shift", produced by Puppet Combo, and the horror franchise "Saw", more precisely in the part of sadistic games. Visually, the game features an aesthetic inspired by classic PSX games and 90s culture, which is never too much, as we always see good creative indie games that rekindle that aesthetic while preserving the legacy of the 32bit era. As for its gameplay, it is no different from many other indie games of the genre. With the keyboard and mouse you just move around, look around and interact with people and objects, which demonstrates the game's simulation behavior.

It is worth remembering that the game is not recommended for people who suffer from epilepsy, due to the constant use of flashing lights at a given time. You can check out The Clown's Fun gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, you can download the game by clicking on the link on the itch.io page. The respective links can be accessed below.


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DOWNLOAD THE 'THE CLOWN'S FUN' GAME HERE: https://616games.itch.io/the-clowns-fun

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