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THE CREATION: Save a Strange and Magical World and Find Your Way Home in this FPS Game

The Creation is an indie action, adventure and first person shooter game produced by Jivapeira and published on September 8th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In The Creation you find yourself in a forest far removed from civilization. You seek to learn more about an ancient myth that speaks of a "World Creator" and two places caught your eye, taking you into the forest: an old cabin and a church with strange stained glass. Being in these places, a series of strange events happens and you end up being transported to a magical place, with magical creatures and monsters. Now your goal has become another: to find a way back to your world.

Jivapeira is already a known figure here for us on the channel. He's the mind behind the two really cool games we've covered here: Gnome Issues and NonZero (we've even heard now that NonZero has had its second chapter released, and we'll cover it here as soon as possible). In the same way that NonZero was praised for its very realistic graphics, in The Creation I can say the same: it is a very pleasant and remarkable visual work, especially when you can see the vegetation and installations on the horizon. Without a doubt an excellent job. As for the gameplay, it's basic and works within the game's purpose, which is to provide action all the time. Perhaps the only negative point I can point out here is the lack of subtitles. Sometimes the characters' voices are so low that you can't quite understand what is being said. It's something that Jivapeira could very well fix in an update.

The Creation is a game that presents action and exploration in the right measure, and that presents an interesting plot, which could be better understood if there were the option of subtitles. That glitch aside, the game is pretty cool. Check out The Creation gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game by clicking on the page below:

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