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THE CRIPT TERROR: A PSX Horror Game Where You Must Rid A City of Its Curse By Going To Its Depths.

The Cript Terror is a first-person horror game with PSX visuals developed by Daniel Buckley where you play as someone who is in charge of ridding his city of a curse and descend into the depths of the place with your flashlight in search of achieving your goal, however, there are dark beings lurking in the shadows.

The game has a short duration, being possible to finish it in just 5 minutes if you know the paths. Paths that must be explored and recorded, as the game plays with the player's sense of orientation when placing walls - giving the player the impression of walking in circles and a very dark environment where you can miss a hidden door or a discreet passage.

The visuals are good, although repetitive and has some good moments of scare, however, it misses the chance to become a good survival horror and is only in the horror genre. But for a developer's first job, The Cript Terror manages to convey a good atmosphere and pleases a lot..

Check out The Cript Terror Gameplay

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