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The Crown Stones - Mirrah: Save Your Brother as You Descend into Darkness in this Metroidvania Game

The Crown Stones: Mirrah is an action/platform indie game with RPG elements in a good and old Metroidvania style, but with a pinch of Dark Souls. In this game, you are Rivail Kuth, considered by the Order of Nephalins as one of the worst members and forced to enter into an NDE (near-death experience) so that your soul is taken to Umbral, something like the world of dead. During the process, something goes wrong and Rivail lose your memories, what makes the mission of rescue a brother of the Order, sent there by an accident, more difficult and arduous than normal.

The game, both visual and plot, presents a style very darkening. By speaking of the underworld itself, it's common seeing dilacerated corpses and souls in eternal suffering. The graphics, although pixelated, are gorgeous and expresses very well the atmosphere of that world, from the scenery to the characters. The soundtrack on this demo has only 3 or 4 songs, but they are very neat and have the same paradox seen on the Castlevania franchise: the beauty and splendor in an affective relationship with the pain and suffering.

As for the gameplay itself, there's no much to say: the game has impregnated with Castlevania influence here. You can walk, jump, attack, buy items and weapons, equip them, level up, in a resume, every typical element of a good Metroidvania. The Dark Souls influence and aspect are more seen in your difficult level: is very easy to die here, so the dodge element here, as well as the leveling up is fundamental if you want to have some chance.

Despite the good points seen in The Crown Stones, the game is not free from negative points, as for example the lack of a proper menu to organize items and see the character's status, as well as a map to guide yourself into the Umbral world. A map would be very important because the idea of the game is descending into the darkest levels of the underworld and, consequently, there would be more chances of losing yourself and more difficulty to progress. (IMHO)

The Crown Stones: Mirrah is produced by Frater Studio, a Brazilian indie studio. The game has great potential and, of course, it would be one more studio to carry the name of Brazil outside in terms of game development, with already known studios like Joymasher and Behold. Unfortunately, as I checked out on the internet to this present moment, the game still has no news or updates, and the last time that the studio has made one update was in September 2018. We can only hope that the game continues being produced and that we can finally play the full game someday.

Check out the gameplay by clicking right here, and download the demo on the link below:


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