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THE DARKEST RED: Free your Homeland from Hords of Monsters and Dragons in this Souls-like Game

The Darkest Red is an action/RPG game that is being produced by Witchfinder and features a demo version that was published on June 4th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In The Darkest Red, you control a warrior mage named Dwahn who, in the company of his wolf friend, uses sword and magic to free his homeland from hordes of monsters.

In a way, what we have here is a Souls-like game, that is, it has some inspirations from the Dark Souls franchise, both in terms of gameplay and visual aspects. In fact, its look is amazing, and the gameplay is very interesting: You can attack, defend, dodge, and use items and spells. At certain times you will need to manipulate enemies, controlling them or using them as weights to open doors. The battle mode is interesting, however, unlike the franchise cited as inspiration, this game has a reasonable level of difficulty (at least while the game is being produced). The downside, however, is that the collision of attacks made on enemies doesn't seem to be very accurate, with the character attacking more for attacking than dealing any damage.

Despite this, The Darkest Red has enormous potential to become an amazing action and RPG game, with Souls influences just right. It is still under development, but its gameplay can be seen at this link here and, if you are interested, download the game demo at the link below:

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