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THE DOOMED VILLAGE: Help Villagers Make Peace with Impending Calamity in this Adventure Game

The Doomed Village is a short interactive fiction, adventure and point-and-click indie game that was produced by Doomed Village Jam and published on March 16th of this year, being available on the platform. In the game, you control a Spiritweaver, a traveling spirit healer who arrives in a deserted village for the first time. The few survivors claim that the end of the village and its inhabitants is near, and it's up to you to interact with them and find out what impending calamity they talk about so much.

The game was produced for this year's Pixel Game Jam, and it features excellent pixel art, very well done by the way. The gameplay is typical of many other games of the genre. You only use the mouse for all interactions (talking, investigating, walking), and sometimes you need to talk more than once with one or another character to understand more about what is going on in the game.

The Doomed Village is pretty short, like any other game produced for a game jam. But it's still a good game and worth a few minutes of gameplay. And speaking of gameplay, the video containing the gameplay of this game is available on our channel. If you want to download the game, the links (both the game and the video) are here below.


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