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THE INSECTOR: Investigate a City Haunted by Crime in this Fun Adventure Game

The Insector is an indie adventure, mystery and point-and-click game that is being produced by HAID (along with EPICGameGuy, Chae, mehfistoe, pollentung and others) and which had its prototype version published on December 1st of this year, on the indie gaming platform In The Insector, we follow the investigations of Inspector Phillip Mothlowe and his partner Buggsy in the city of San-Francicado, unraveling mysteries and solving crimes that plague the place.

The Insector was initially presented for this year's Game Off, a game jam whose theme is called "BUG", a word that can have several meanings, meanings that are serving as a basis for the creation of the event's games. Here in the case of The Insector, the theme represents the insect itself: all characters and locations in the game revolve around this theme. In visual aspects, the characters are very charismatic, all of them handcrafted, in the middle of a 3D environment. Gameplay is good old point-and-click: using just a mouse, you point to as many locations as you like, making Phillip investigate the locations for clues.

So far, the game is still on a prototype stage, however it has good potential. We hope to see this game complete soon. In the meantime, you can check out The Insector's gameplay, as well as download the prototype, by clicking on the links below.



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