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THE LAST UTOPI: Discover the Cause of the Earth's Destruction in this Horror Game

The Last Utopi is a first-person horror, simulation and indie adventure game produced by ghoulishkid and bennis07 and published on August 31, 2020 on the indie gaming platform "". In The Last Utopi, the earth was invaded by strange spores that apparently came from space, forcing humanity to flee to The Colony, a kind of self-sustaining ark that roams space and where humans currently live. Its CEO, the enigmatic Eli Mason, sends a historian, named Hanna Kent, back to Earth, more precisely in a furniture store called Utopi, where he believes to be the place that presented the emergence of the first spores. It's up to you, controlling Hanna, to explore the place in search of clues that will lead to a better understanding of how all this happened.

The game was made in 6 weeks for a game jam hosted by the Haunted PS1 community, a community focused on creating indie games with a style similar to PS1 games, and it's the same here when it comes to the visual part of the game: it has a PSX-oriented visual appeal is very large, which gets a lot of attention from nostalgic fans of Sony's 32-bit console. The gameplay here is quite simple: you move, bend down, control the camera and interact with objects. What stands out here is the interaction aspect: the two mouse buttons control the protagonist's two hands, one to analyze objects when a target appears in front of her and the other to pick up and trigger things.

The soundtrack is simple and consists of a single song, the one from the furniture store, and it's really cool and relaxing. The game is very short and takes only a few minutes, despite having two endings. Check out The Last Utopi gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the link below:

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