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THE MADVENT CALENDAR: A Horror Game Where You Descend into the A Spiral of Madness Before Christmas

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The Madvent Calendar is a horror indie macro game composed of 24 microgames that were published on December 1st of this year and celebrates, in a horrendous way, Christmas. Every day until the eve of Christmas, a microgame is automatically released, allowing the player to access it. The games' styles are diverse (from style and visuals to gameplay and immersion) and, on the contrary to the C.H.A.I.N. game, none of them is interconnected to form a single plot: Here, the intention is to make the player experience every horror type over 24 days.

If you want to experience this horror in a Christmas spirit, you only need to download the game by clicking on the link below (by the way, this link is where I got the GIF above for the post):

Each day, a microgame will be released and your gameplays will be inserted here:

01. RIP: A Horror Game Where You Must Find False Walls to Escape from Madness.

02. Screenplay in Autumn: A Short Horror Game About a Dialogue Between a Soldier and your Mother.

03. 3rd December: A Simulator Game Where You Relive Your Memories in Your Last Hours.

04. A Godforsaken Hole Called...: A Puzzle Game Which You Must Find Where a Strange Voice Comes From.

05. Artists of a Dead World: A Simulation Game Where You Must Find the Reason Why Artists Can't Go Back Home.

06. Six & Six: A Simulation Game Where You Enjoy Fishing in Your Last Minutes of Life.

07. HWAJILGUJI: A Thriller Game About a Tech Scientist, an Odd Substance and Reality Distortion.

08. 195 Hours in the Cold: A Thriller Game Where You Revisit an Old Bar to Find Your Missing Father.

09. SMS: A Thriller Game Where You Wake Up In an Empty Train and Get SMS from Your Mom.

10. Paralysis Penguin: A Bizarre Game Where you Must Do Missions Before the Old Man's Coming.

11. What Lies Within the Ice: A Short Mystery Game Where You Unveil the Secret of Old Ruins Within the Forest.

12. Eyes and Ears: A Weird Simulation Game Where You Observe Your Surroundings

13. You Have Reached the End: A Weird Simulation Game Where You Must... Reach the End of Cave.

14. Evenfall: A Mystery Game Where You Explore a Common Bedroom While Wait for Your Friend.

15. Ski-Street Serenade: A Thriller Game Where You Must Avoid a Creepy Snowman to Save an Old Man.

16. Down in the Dungeon: A Simulator Game Where You Explore All Your Home's Basement Before Sleep.

17. The People's Tree: A Interactive Online Game Where You Put Presents with Messages in a Tree.

18. Far From Home: A First-Person Game Where You Must Report Your Status While Returns to Surface

19. Winter Walk 2006: A Simulation Game Where Death and Dream Intertwine in One PC Gameplay.

20. Blanket of Snow: A Short Thriller Game Where You Explore a Snowy Village and a Dimensional Rift.

21. Formation: A Horror Game Which You Investigate a Meteor Crash and the Natives' Missing.

22. The Snow of Basidia: A Horror Game Where You Must Investigate a Mysterious Snowing in Your Town.

23. ae: A Thriller Game Which You Explore a Land Of Ashes, Devastated by Flames.

24. Slumber (Final Episode): A Horror Game Where You Must Return to Home As You Escape from an Odd Chaser.

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