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THE MOOZ: Fight Enemies Born of Ancient Powers and Armies From Evil Kings in this Action RPG Game

Updated: Apr 20

The Mooz: A Story of Betrayal is a short indie action, adventure and RPG game being produced by Werasilz and praewax and which has a prototype published on April 18th this year, and is available on the itch.io platform. The Mooz tells the story of an ancient medieval world, filled with swords and magic, where the ancestral spirit known as The Mooz lives. On a certain day, many strange events began to unfold, with people rebelling against the king. Letecia, a Knight of the Realm, discovers that the king is plotting to use the Mooz's power for selfish ends, and this discovery ends up causing her to be accused of treason. Your objective now is to find a way to help the city's residents and save it from the influence of this power.

One first thing I would like to point out before starting: the game was produced by a Thai team, and unfortunately the English translation is quite sparse (ie dialogues and cutscenes are entirely in a Thai language). But don't let the language barrier fool you: The Mooz is an intuitive game, with maps to explore and a compass that helps you if you're lost. Regarding the lack of English language for

As for the graphics aspect, The Mooz is pretty cute, featuring visuals a little closer to the anime visual style. The gameplay is very good: here we have an Action-RPG in the good Legend of Zelda style. You can equip items and consume potions and other items (which, by the way, deserves a programming adjustment, since there are no limits to getting items, and with that leaving the icons bursting in the menu.

It's a game worth checking out, as it's quite interesting. Check out the gameplay on YouTube, Odysee and TikTok channels. If you want to try the game, just go to the game page and download it.


  1. YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/yq9YetU6jwg

  2. ODYSSE: https://odysee.com/@5mg:2/THE_MOOZ_ODYSEE:a

  3. TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@5mgchannel/video/7088007176349814021

DOWNLOAD THE MOOZ: A STORY OF BETRAYAL HERE: https://werasilz.itch.io/the-mooz

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