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THE OTHER SIDE: Control A Drill And See What's Outside In This Horror Puzzle Game.

The Other Side is a short mystery puzzle horror game developed by Mike Klubnika where you find yourself inside a large cramped warehouse with sturdy metal walls, no windows, built thousands of years ago. All the humans who wished to leave the place were discouraged or killed, however, even trying to keep all the remaining humans in place, one of them is determined to leave and, for that, he built a large drill with enough power to break through the wall. However, it needs constant maintenance and you should always check your computer to see what problems to solve.

The game has amazing visuals that give the feeling of being in a kind of bunker with something unknown outside. In addition, a constant dark room behind you creates insecurity during gameplay as you constantly have your back to the room while you have to solve the problems that the drill generates during its work. The same can be said for the sound that manages to create good moments and generate the necessary tension through growing and mysterious tracks.

Check out the The Other Side gameplay (On Youtube)

Download The Other Side game


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