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THE OUTBREAK: Find a Way to Escape from a City Ravaged by a Deadly Virus in this Survival Horror

The Outbreak is a survival horror game produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on January 1st this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control James, a man who has just arrived in a town called Jackson Hill. He barely arrives in the city and realizes that it is a complete mess. To make matters worse, James discovers that the city has been taken over by a terrible virus and that he is not alone.

Right away, we see that the game has a strong influence from Capcom's best-known survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, more precisely from the first three games. To be quite honest, the game even has on its soundtrack a track taken from the soundtrack of the first game in the franchise. The Outbreak is basically Resident Evil in its purest form, featuring fixed cameras, a tank-style controller, and a chilling and bleak atmosphere.

Despite the influences, the game also has negative points: The style of the game menu could have been better worked, the graphics could have been a little more polished, because at various times there were difficulties to see what the door is and what it is the fence, for example.

In addition, the game also has a very uncomfortable bug: at a certain point, depending on how you play, you can go through a door and end up stuck, with the character with half the body crossing the floor. This particular bug leaves the game stuck in such a way that you end up having to close the game and play it all over again. Another example of a bug is that of the camera. Sometimes the camera does not change its position, which ends up hindering the gameplay.

Despite these bugs, the game is quite interesting and a return to the good old classic style of survival horror that was a huge success on PS1. Check out The Outbreak gameplay by clicking this link here. If you are interested in experimenting, download the game here on the "" page, at the link below:

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