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TIMEOUT: Find a Criminal in a Society where Lifetime is Money in This Adventure Game

TimeOut is an indie Adventure game produced by Christopher Lee as final university work, and published on the indie gaming platform "" on April 27, 2020, and updated on May 13 of the same year. In the game, you control a detective who lives in a society where human lives are measured by a lifetime-based monetary system (yes, the game was inspired by the movie "On Time"), and your mission is to investigate and hunt down a criminal responsible for selling fake time.

The game has a peculiar look, mixing retro pixelated graphics with a 2.5D environment. In addition, the visual also presents a world with a 1930s aesthetic, seen in games (which also inspired its production) such as the Bioshock trilogy and The Last Night. The soundtrack, despite having little music, is very good and blends well with the world presented here.

You can check the gameplay by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download the game by clicking on the link below:


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