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TO HELL WITH IT: A Action Game Where You Must Find your Cat, lost in The Realms of Hell

To Hell With It is a third-person action indie game with a hack-n-slash gameplay style that was created by DevHellTeam and has your demo published on December 5th of this year. You control Aella, a drawing artist who, by opening a sketchy app, triggers a portal to hell, and has your little cat, Purrsephone, sucked into it. Aella enters into the portal and embarks on bizarre, hellish realms, fighting demons in order to get back your cat.

By playing a game in development, we have pointed, clearly, few positive and negative points: the game has excellent graphics, a good fighting style that remembers many games of the genre, and an interesting female character, but the same character's movement could be better neat, and bugs are very, very common in my playtime, to the point of being stuck in certain parts of the scenery. The soundtrack, of course, is average, in my opinion, could be better composed.

The points raised here only have mad having this initial demo as a basis. Certainly, the team will work more on this game to the point of becoming very good on the final version. We hope that this game keeps improving until there. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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