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TOREE GENESIS: Toree returns to celebrate Sonic The Hedgehog's 31st birthday

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Toree Genesis is an indie 3d platform game developed by Siactro where you play as Toree, a friendly chick who travels through colorful - sometimes scary - worlds with his skills in a game with retro visuals full of platforms and challenges. Now, Toree gets an update in celebration of Sonic The Hedgehog's 31st birthday.

The game maintains its nostalgic visuals, but with even more colors and a lot of references to SEGA's blue hedgehog, with stages that resemble Green Hill Zone, Sky Fortress and even the industrialized scenarios of the blue protagonist's games, being possible to find clear references such as rings that were left by Sonic in more hidden parts of the level.

Toree Genesis has 3 commemorative stages with the gameplay maintained where you need to collect stars and crystals hidden in the stages, while enjoying the scenarios and the macabre little easter eggs that are famous in the yellow bird franchise.

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