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TOREE 3D (FULL): A Very Cute Platform Game With a Bizarre Twist, where Strange Things Happen

Toree 3D is a third-person indie adventure and platform game produced by Siactro and published on March 16th of this year, receiving an update later, on August 7th, on the indie gaming platform Toree 3D doesn't have a plot defined: you just control a cute little chick through 9 stages with unique elements collecting stars. And nothing else.

The game had a demo available on this year's Haunted PS1 Community Demo Disc. It's worth remembering that Siactro is a very promising guy in terms of developing games in the good old PSX style, an example of this is the incredible Tasty Ramen (which is still in development stage). And Toree 3D is no different: it delivers great graphics and a style that (in my opinion) is very reminiscent of a Nintendo 64 classic, Bomberman Hero.

Your objective here is just to collect stars while avoiding obstacles in the levels, be they holes, enemies, fences, etc. Maybe some weaknesses that I can put here would be the lack of more things happening, the lack of sidequests, raised by other characters that could appear, finally, the game has a huge potential to do. Maybe in a Toree 3 (yes, until this day, October 23th, Toree has a sequel and a mini game with 4 new stages)...

Without a doubt, Toree 3D is an excellent platform game, with nostalgic visuals, fun gameplay and great soundtrack. It's worth purchasing the game if you're interested. It can be purchased from the page below. As for the full gameplay, it can be seen by clicking this link here.


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