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TRUTH OR DARE: Find Your Boyfriend in an Abandoned Mansion in this Adventure Game

Truth or Dare is a short first-person survival adventure game with a light horror touch that was produced by RossCurry and Eloise Lavoie-Dufour and published on February 22nd of this year, on the platform. Truth or Dare was developed in 3 days for a game jam (Buddy Up Jam Winter 2022) and, in the game, you control Claire who, along with her boyfriend Jamie, enter an abandoned mansion to fulfill a challenge proposed by their parents. friends. Jamie goes first, to explore the place and take pictures there, but after 10 minutes, Claire hears strange screams around the house and ends up thinking that her boyfriend was attacked by someone (or something). Your objective is to explore the house and find Jamie.

The game itself is quite simple, both in its gameplay and in its look. Truth or Dare features graphics in a more low-poly style, reminiscent of some games like Wounded Winter: A Lakota Story and even Bio Crisis: Evil Hazard, by presenting scenarios and characters built with few polygons, which gives it a certain charm. The gameplay is very basic, and is divided into two types: one, focused on exploring the place using typical first-person game commands (WASD to walk, Shift to run, etc) and another, in a more visual novel style, where you follow the narrative and the dialogues and then you are faced with the choices you have to make. Unfortunately in this part you only see this once, which is right at the beginning, where you are given the option to enter the mansion or escape.

Undoubtedly, the game has the potential to be better developed. It's interesting to see these two styles of gameplay combine so well. It would be great if the developers continued the game, as there are items that could be picked up and even some story points that haven't been clarified yet. Indeed Truth or Dare has great potential. The HUD and the interface could be better worked, but as the game was made for a game jam, this flaw is understandable, given the time they had to produce everything.

Check out Truth or Dare's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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