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U-1536: Infiltrate a Haunted U-Boat in this Resident Evil-Inspired Survival Horror Game

U-1536 (or U-1535, as shown in the game's menu screen) is an indie action and survival horror game being produced by Jesse Hamm and which had a prototype version published on August 26 of that year, on the platform of indie games "itch.io". In U-1536, you control Thuy Moc, a freelance oceanographer and mercenary who investigates the famous German Type-31 submarine U-Boat, which disappeared 76 years ago in a mysterious way, and which similarly reappeared in the shallow coastlines upon the North Sea. The most intriguing thing is that whatever brought the submarine back is causing a strange electromagnetic phenomenon that has caused the disappearance of whatever has come close to the site, both by sea and air, and the appearance of bizarre monsters. within the submarine's facilities.

The game was produced in prototype form for the game jam of the famous Haunted PS1 community released this year, Summer of Shivers. Right away, we see the heavy inspiration in Capcom's Resident Evil franchise (more precisely the Raccoon City trilogy). You control Thuy through all locations of the German submarine in pre-rendered "tank control" style scenarios, as well as featuring a menu similar to Capcom's classics. The soundtrack is very intense and full of adrenaline, which goes very well with the game.

Although it's still in a prototype version, it's worth mentioning the U-1536's downsides here. Starting with the character, who has a disproportionate appearance, in my opinion. Furthermore, the characters deserved a greater whim when they were created. Another downside is the gameplay, which doesn't benefit keyboard players much. A customization option would be very welcome. And finally, the soundtrack: the mixing could be better, as well as the audio regulation, that is, the music is very loud when it goes into combat mode. But these are just points that sound a little obvious, and let's remember that this is a prototype, so such changes can be made right up to the final version.

Check out the U-1536 gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested in this prototype, you can download it on the page below:


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