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ULTRAKILL: Face Blood-fueled Machines as You Descend to the Depths of Hell in this FPS Game

ULTRAKILL is a frantic first-person shooter and action game produced by Arsi "Hakita" Patala, and distributed by New Blood Interactive. The game was released on the Steam platform on September 3, 2020, in the form of Early Access, while for the GOG it is still expected to be released. In ULTRAKILL, humanity was wiped out, and what was left were only machines fueled by blood. The problem is that this fuel is running out on the surface, and now the machines have discovered an infinite source of this fuel: Hell itself. Now they're racing to the depths of Hell, and you're one of them.

The game itself was designed taking inspiration from Doom (2016), the first Quake and Devil May Cry, taking the best of the three. ULTRAKILL, in terms of gameplay, is frenzied and at the same time disloyal: yes, you'll die a lot here until you learn to move around the locations while shooting monsters, demons, cyborgs, etc. Each weapon can be purchased (either during gameplay or from the vending machine located at the beginning of each stage) and upgraded according to the experience points you accumulate throughout the game.

In terms of graphics, it originally presents a look that approximates the aesthetics of PSX games as well as Quake. There is a setting that allows you to change the look, making it more retro or a little more polished. The soundtrack is made up of electronic music full of adrenaline, which gets stronger every time you face an enemy.

Anyone who likes FPS games and fast paced action will undoubtedly enjoy playing ULTRAKILL. The gameplay, which you can check out by clicking this link here, is a demo that shows a prelude to the game. If you want to play the game in its entirety, you will have to purchase it from the Steam page below. For those who don't like DRM-bound games, there's a link to the GOG page below, but the game hasn't come out there yet, so just wait.

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