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UNHOLY EYEBALLS: Explore a Dark World Full of Eyeballs in this Experimental Horror Game

Unholy Eyeballs is an experimental first-person horror game produced by z_bill (yes, the same one behind Mummy Sandbox) and published on August 6th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". Unholy Eyeballs explores the "meta" concept of eyeballs in horror games, as it's a very present element in them, and that concept applies within the story itself, where you explore a dark world with inhabitants with eyeballs for heads.

This game, according to z_bill, was the first to be created in a fully 3D environment (taking into account that Mummy Sandbox used 3D worlds with 2D sprites), and was created for Summer of Shivers 2021, a game jam led by the Haunted PS1 community itself. The look needs no comments: completely inspired by PS1 games, with low-poly and all. The gameplay is interesting here as it alternates between simulation and a kind of tactical RPG, where you use the two mouse buttons for two different attacks respectively.

The soundtrack is another interesting point, as it fits in very well with the strange, different or even macabre atmosphere present here. It worked very well. I could put the size of the game here as a negative point, but let's remember that this is a project for a Game Jam, which may or may not develop into a complete game, with great potential, potential that Unholy Eyeballs actually does. It has. So, for a project, it's pretty interesting.

You can check the gameplay of Unholy Eyeballs by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game on the page below:

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