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DEMO DISC 2021: Another Amazing Horror Compilation Produced by The Haunted PS1 Community

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Haunted PS1 is a community of independent developers that aim to produce games that have a visual appeal that refers to the PS1 (PlayStation One) and that has horror as its main theme. Since last year, this community has been curating large-scale indie games, produced by talented developers, with strong nostalgic appeal.

This year, the community produced and published, on the 25th of March of this year, on the page, a Demo Disc containing 25 games (some of them already presented here on the channel, including such as The Chameleon, Janitor Bleeds and Pathogen-X). As always, we can see the care and high level of curation of the community. It is worth getting to know their page and the great works they produce.

Check out the gameplays (new titles only) by clicking on the links below. Take the opportunity to download the Demo Disc too, on the game page below:


- Apolysis (adventure / survival horror)

- WALK 散歩 (adventure / survival horror)

- The Lunar Effect (adventure / survival horror)

- Mortal Meal (adventure / survival horror)

- Peeb Adventures (cute platformer / horror)

- Toree 3D (cute platformer / horror)

- Agony of Dying MMO (simulation / adventure / horror)

- Risu (survival horror / action)

- Fiend's Isle (first-person / action / survival)

- [ECHOSTASIS] (first-person / action / horror)

- Still Ridge (adventure / point-and-click / horror)

- Ghastly Goodies (adventure / horror / puzzle)

- An Outcry (horror / RPG)

- Mummy Sandbox (action / simulation / puzzle / horror)

- That Which Gave Chase (simulation / shooter / horror)

- The Drowning Machine (simulation / horror) - Based on Real Life Events

- Protagoras Bleeds (action / survival / horror)

- The Heilwald Loophole (action / survival / horror)

- ARD: Anomalous Research Department (simulation / first-person / horror) - NOTE: This is a SECRET GAME found on main lobby computer of the demo disc.


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