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UNITY-CHAN VS. PRONAMA-CHAN: A Fighting Game about a Vocaloid and a JP Community Mascot

Unity-Chan Vs. Pronama-Chan is an indie fighting game produced by Medama Games and published on "" on January 28th of that year. The game is in the prototype stage and has been worked on by the developer for five years. Because of this, the game does not have a plot. You control one between two characters, Unity-Chan and Pronama-Chan, with variations that are only aesthetic.

Unity-chan, or rather, Kohaku Ootori, is a Vocaloid that represents the Unity graphics engine, while Pronama-Chan, or Kei Kurei, is a mascot that represents, a Japanese technology community. The two characters are apparently charismatic within the Japanese community. The gameplay is very fluid: each of them has skills that demonstrate their personalities well, and the controls respond very well, making it possible to make some combos. The visuals are excellent and the characters are very well done, as well as the sets.

However, there are some negative points, like the lack of a Solo mode, against a CPU, the lack of an online Match mode, more characters, a kind of shop to buy clothes, skills or similar with points earned in solo mode, etc.

The game, despite being in the prototype stage, has enormous potential for much more. The developer of this game deserves to have his work published. You can check his gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested in playing the demo, you can click on the link below for that:


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