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VACANT: An Atmospheric Horror Game About A Place Haunted By Missing People.

Vacant is a short indie third-person horror game, which was produced by ribyrnes and published on May 15th of this year, being available on the itch.io platform. In Vacant, you follow the story of two girls, Priya and Elena, who work as content creators for a channel on a video platform. They are going to investigate a hotel called Masthill Lodge, located in the middle of a strange forest and which, according to rumors, has closed its doors due to strange events happening there, ranging from disappearances to even deaths. However, 15 years later, they learned of reports of people who, without even knowing the reason, much less knowing each other, were attracted to that place. Things got even weirder when they discovered that more than 50 people had gathered there and mysteriously disappeared without a trace. It's up to the two to investigate the place and unravel the mysteries behind these strange events.

What we have here in Vacant is an adventure game, bordering on point-and-click, but using the keyboard instead of the mouse. We have a big place to explore, with certain items to interact with to make the story go, and the artistic part contributes to this adventure vibe that Vacant has. The visuals consist of a nice but not very detailed pixel art, unlike games of this type. You can check out Vacant gameplay on our channel. In case you're interested, you can download Vacant game on the link below, along with the gameplay link.



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